Writing A Customer Service Manual

This manual enables you to simplify employee training, and to focus your company for growth.The manual can be printed and placed in a three-ring binder, placed in a folder on a network share drive, or automated and published online using procedures management software. What is important is that everyone in your company knows about the manual, reads and understands the manual, and knows where to find it when they need it.More than just a list, the manual also should provide details on things are done the way they are done.

Every business should have a document that clearly states how things should be done.

This need is true for a large company, so that the various departments work together effectively, and it is just as true for a small company so that things can run smoothly when the owner is away from the office.

New workers will use the manual to help them get up and running in a timely manner.

An effective manual describes critical daily tasks that must be accomplished for your business to run safely and efficiently.

Does your business have a policy and procedures manual that covers company rules and employee guidelines? It is a straightforward process, and once you have a workable template in place, you will be able to make revisions and updates as your company changes and grows.

An effective policy and procedure manual is an essential management tool.Since, an effective manual contains both policies and procedures, let's look more closely at each of them.A policy is a guiding principle that sets the direction for an organization.Policies, then, are the rules and guidelines under which a company, division, or department operates.In your manual, you will have policies for the overall company, for specific parts of the company, and for individual employees.With a written guidebook to refer to, your team will have clear directions from management on how to handle specific works situations.Clearly defined policies and procedures express the company's desire to make consistent and impartial decisions.Policies typically reflect that desired image or brand.Uniformity Policies create a level of uniformity in employee rights and responsibilities.In other words, the manual spells out the consequences for work behavior and takes out any opportunity for ambiguity, which can cause hurt feelings.When company policies and procedures are in writing, you let employees know exactly what they need to do to remain employed with your company.


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