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The fight against hunger and poverty is as urgent today as ever and remains a major challenge worldwide.

The fight against hunger and poverty is as urgent today as ever and remains a major challenge worldwide.

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But they must be given a fair chance to compete" (Statement on the challenge).

Most poor people cannot overcome their problems because they do not have access to adequate resources and support.

In most developing countries today, it is fishing communities who continue to be at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder.

An estimated 56.6 million people were engaged in the primary sector of capture fisheries aquaculture in 2014, according to FAO’s State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture.

To promote better standards of living in a better global environment, Agenda 21 stresses the need for poverty eradication as the priority among problems hindering sustainable development.

The current internationally excepted description of poverty is very clear and specific.

FAO’s work on collective action in the fisheries sector show evidence-base on how community-based organizations are improving the livelihoods of their members when compared to the livelihoods of those in their area who are not engaged in any form of collective action.

Findings of FAO’s work show that collective action provides households with access to markets, financial services, infrastructure, provision of productive inclusion, as well as training and capacity building which lead to alternative sources of employment, and access to social policies and strategies that, when in times of crisis, prevent poor households from further sinking into poverty.

Mark Mallock Brown, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Administrator, described the poor as people who are "lacking adequate food, shelter, water and sanitation" (Global Dialogue).

More than 1 billion people, or about one fifth of the world's population live under conditions of extreme poverty.


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