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He thinks that some use the Holocaust as a cover for Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, an opinion shared by Norman Finkelstein.

He thinks that some use the Holocaust as a cover for Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, an opinion shared by Norman Finkelstein.You find his remarks at a public forum "muddled," but his point seems clear to me.They must finally be realizing that it is tantamount to celebrating Herman Goering Day.

The author of the document below forgot to address the role of racism in structuring social security. Social Security: A Documentary History (Washington, D.

C., Congressional Quarterly Press, 2008) From those who take comments like these at face value, you might want to do a little fact-checking of your own.

And his broader views are an example of that peculiar mash-up of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli, anti-American foreign policy, cant that very often seems to be verging on being attacks on Jews more broadly For some time now—especially with the publication of his 1997 book A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present—Churchill has been criticizing prominent Jewish scholars of the Holocaust.

For example he has attacked such prominent Jewish scholars as Deborah Lipstadt in similar terms.

It seems to never have occurred to these New History critics that the moral failings they see so self-evidently on display in the conduct of Europeans were human failings, present in equal measure in the native cultures.

Blind in one eye, as it were, the new historians saw the flaws in human beings from European cultures but failed to notice the flaws in human beings who were native residents of the Americas.

I now understand after visiting his website and discovering that he is trying to burnish the reputation of Christopher Columbus.

Even Brown University has the good sense to stop celebrating Columbus Day.

He is saying that Israel's settler colonialism, Zionism, is anti-Jewish and was not supported by rabbinical councils at that time.

Fact is, for a long time Zionism didn't have much support among Jews.


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