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Gone are the RVs towing boats, the buzz of jet skis on the lake, the crush of cars heading north to Glacier National Park.Gone too are the hummingbirds and the bees, the snakes and the bears, the turtles and frogs and toads — even the woods take on a sort of hush.It is distinguished by its almost limitless range of inspiration, drawing from popular genres such as pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, reggae and countless others.

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A small crowd of them are sitting in the prickling grass.

They are no longer a forward-facing line but a stagnant scattering, doing nothing but taking in air.

She was a winner of the 2017 Windham Campbell Prize.

K-pop, or Korean pop, is an incredibly popular genre of music which has grown significantly in popularity since its beginnings in 1980s South Korea.

Surely we’ll stop walking, stand there befuddled as if shaking ourselves out of a dream, and then one by one we’ll turn around, shaking our heads and laughing, and the person bringing up the rear will turn into the leader.

But even as the dissenters are saying the words—“I really think we should turn back!But then a sharper voice responds that if we did stop to rest, even for a few minutes, we would still be thinking about walking, calculating the distance that remained, which is a kind of walking in itself, only a motionless internal one, like the spinning beach ball on a computer—so it wouldn’t be true rest. This is a persuasive argument and we all agree immediately to continue on, and our pace gathers again.There is, at least, solidarity in the walking, a feeling of being a part of things.There are historic ones, such as the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Trail of Tears.Since the ancient days of wandering prophets and peripatetic philosophers, the act of walking has not only inspired our feet, but also our hearts and minds. “When I find myself in a new place I explore it on foot. Maybe it’s a way of marking territory, of beating the bounds. “Rather, it is intended to be a narrative of human walking through the ages, the story of its major forms and transformations.” Amato chronicles such episodes as Rome’s building of roads, the rise of Romanticism, and the eclipse of American walking by motoring.Wisps of smoke hang above small houses in the cool morning air; here and there, larch needles turn the color of pumpkins.It’s then that I’m reminded of my first year in the mountains, new, fresh from college, walking along what seemed to me to be a simple country road. ” Because it was inconceivable to these good folks that anyone would walk simply for the sake of walking.We keep our eyes on the back of the person in front of us, whose leg hairs are aquiver with burrs. We will reach the river sooner now that we have not stopped.From time to time, we imagine ourselves in a clearing, sitting on our humped packs in the shade—past selves who stopped to rest back there.The question ripples up and down the chain of walkers, and one or two people raise the serious possibility of turning back right now.Their voices are bright with certainty, seeming almost to hold apart the foliage we are struggling through, making our way easier for a moment.


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