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Karma of a soul can be regarded as a representation of the next worth of bad or good actions.For a soul to achieve moksha, it must have a good karma.Using painkillers as a means of alleviating pain of a dying person even when there is a life-shortening threat can be moral in conformity with the dignity of humans if there is no will for death as a means or end but only tolerated and foreseen as inevitable.

These include sanctity of the human life, concomitant human rights, dignity of human person, death unavoidability, proportionality in the casuistic remedies and charity importance.

Many people have argues that these are the positions of the Catholic Church on euthanasia but whatever the vide points of the individual Catholics are, the viewpoint of the church is unequivocal.

This will cause damage in the karma of the patient and the doctor.

Some Hindus believe that allowing euthanasia breaches ahimsa or doing no harm teachings.

Catholic views on euthanasia are that euthanasia is a crime against God and a crime against life.

Teachings of Catholic Church regarding euthanasia are based on various core principles of the ethics of this church.

They believe that the ultimate objective of life is achieving moksha which is liberation from rebirth and death cycle.

Karma decides the next life of the soul which is the consequence of the bad or good actions that were done in the previous lives.

Teachings of the church refer to euthanasia as a murder.

Whatever the motives and the means used are, euthanasia comprises of the act of inducing unnatural end to lives of sick, handicapped, or dying individuals. Thus, omission or an act that by intention or of itself causes death as a way of eliminating suffering of a person constitutes murder which is against the dignity of a human person and to respect that is due to a living God, the Creator of the person.


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