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The funding was only offered to nations who embraced a democratic government.

Johnson persisted in fighting a war of attrition mainly due to strong international political pressure to support democracy and eliminate communism.

In his book titled “The Vietnam War: A Concise International History,” Mark Lawrence proposed that the broader international context of the cold war along with the openness to influence of Vietnam allowed the war to take place in the first place.

It would be a war of attrition as more and more North Vietnamese soldiers and Viet Cong guerrillas were killed.

In the United States, deeper troop commitments on the part of the Johnson Administration meant wider and wider use of the draft. In December 1967, North Vietnamese troops surrounded the Marines at Ke Sanh, causing American commanders there to request some 50,000 additional troops.

Similarly, the Communist presence in the third world was also important to the Soviets throughout the cold war.

Despite facing domestic problems and a resilient Northern Vietnamese opponent, the United States and Lyndon b.

As when under colonization control by the French, "Vietnam's political development owed much to …

shift[s] in the larger geopolitical environment" (Lawrence, 9).

While this relatively insignificant location was an obscure location for the US to attack, this sample history paper by Ultius explains how it fit perfectly into the context of the cold war.

As an ideological battle for supremacy, the US felt that it was integral to offer relentless support to the anti-communist forces in an effort to undermine the influence of both China and the Soviet Union.


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