Vegetables Business Plan

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The secondary market is one in which prices may be lower but the market may be closer in proximity, allowing the grower to compete more directly.

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Once the marketing environment has been analyzed and target markets selected, objectives must be developed to provide the direction and guidance for the grower.

These objectives must be in line with the overall objective of the business as well as with the financial objectives and production objectives.

Samples of the produce (either an actual sample or pictures of the produce) win give buyers an idea of the quality of produce.

Previous business references and estimates of prices desired and expected/potential volume should be given to buyers to aid in their decision making.

For each of the target markets selected, the grower should attempt to assess the following buyer needs or characteristics: Contacts with potential buyers to assess this information should begin at least 6 months prior to harvest.

Calls for an appointment should be made before visiting buyers because they are busy and do not appreciate unannounced visits.Thus, successful marketing depends on developing a thorough marketing plan that outlines how to supply the produce reliably, consistently and at a profit.In a state as large and diverse as Texas, it is impossible to develop a general marketing plan that would apply to all organic growers because management skills, market opportunities and resource availabilities vary considerably in each area of the state.It is practical and workable, and with slight modification it can be used for any specific organic produce operation.While developing a market plan alone cannot guarantee success, it does ensure that factors affecting the profitability and survivability of the organic business are considered.The produce business that provides the customer with what he wants, when and how he wants it, will be the most successful.However, it is important to note that even if a demand exists for an organic product you can supply, there is no point in doing so unless you can do it at a profit.Once agreements between buyer and seller have been reached, the grower should contact the buyer at least 1 week before shipment/pick-up to indicate produce availability.Most buyers would prefer 2 to 3 weeks notice of upcoming produce availability.At the initial meeting, the grower should convince the buyer that he has the necessary expertise to grow high quality produce organically.Certification documents should be presented to help assure the buyer of this expertise.


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