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Try to begin and end each paragraph with your own thoughts rather than quoting or paraphrasing someone else’s words.

Remember that your marker will be looking for your opinion, your discussion and your analysis of ideas. Conclusions are primarily for summing up what you have presented in the body of your essay. Use synonyms and paraphrasing so that you do not repeat all your main points word for word.

Essay writing is different to: 1) reflective writing, which is based primarily on your personal experiences2) report writing, which focuses primarily on reporting facts and making recommendations. Your lecturer and tutor are there to help – and you can always ask for further advice from a Writing Mentor or a Language and Learning Adviser.

In general, your marker will be looking for evidence that you have: Again, always consult your unit guide and assessment instructions for exact details of your assignment.

A reference list or bibliography – formatted according to your referencing style – on a separate page at the end of your essay is also usually required.

Uni Essay Writing

Normally this is not included in the word count, but check with your lecturer or tutor to be sure.Being able to write a strong academic essay is a critical skill for college and university students.It is also a skill that will continue to serve you if you plan to go into an academic career, or any field that involves persuasive or analytical writing.If you use the introduction, body and conclusion model, it is recommended to have one main idea per body paragraph.For example, if you have to write a 1000-word essay you might have three body paragraphs of approximately 250 words each, leaving 125 words for both the introduction and the conclusion.In order to write a successful essay, start by following any assigned instructions carefully.Before you start writing, research your topic using good, reputable sources.Essays are used to assess your understanding of specific ideas and your ability to explain these in your own words.Essays are usually written in a discursive style, bringing together ideas, evidence and arguments to address a specific problem or question.Remember that these are the first words your marker will read, so always try to make a great first impression, to ensure that you provide your marker with a clear and accurate outline of what is to follow in your essay. Linking words clarify for the reader how one point relates to another.An essay flows cohesively when ideas and information relate to each other smoothly and logically.


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