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(1990) “Increasing Update Rates in the Building Walkthrough System with Automatic Model-Space Subdivision and Potentially Visible Set Calculations” (Frederick P. (1995) “Proving First-Order Equality Theorems with Hyper-Linking” (David A. (1999) “Automatically Reducing and Bounding Geometric Complexity by Using Images” (Anselmo A.

Lastra) Allen, Bonnie Danette (2007) “Hardware Design Optimization for Human Motion Tracking Systems” (Greg Welch) Amburn, Elton P.

Pizer) Culver, Timothy (2000) “Computing the Medial Axis of a Polyhedron Reliably and Efficiently” (Dinesh Manocha) Curtis, Sean (2014) “Pedestrian Velocity Obstacles: Pedestrian Simulation through Reasoning in Velocity Space” (Dinesh Manocha) Danforth, Scott H.

(1983) “DOT: A Distributed Operating System Model of a Tree-Structured Multiprocessor” (Guyla A.

Weiss) Burns, Eric (2007) “MACBETH: Management of Avatar Conflict By Employment of a Technique Hybrid” (Frederick P. William (1970) “Syntax-Semantics Systems As Structure Manipulation Systems: Phrase Structure Grammars and Generalized Finite Automata” (David B.

Benson) Calandrino, John (2009) “On the Design and Implementation of a Cache-Aware Soft Real-Time Scheduler for Multicore Platforms” (James Anderson) Cannon, Robert L. Weiss) Cao, Tian (2016) “Coupled Dictionary Learning for Image Analysis” (Marc Niethammer) Carlson, Eric D.Pizer) Christiansen, Mikkel, Aalborg University, Denmark (2002) “The Performance of HTTP Traffic Under Random Early Detection Queue Management” ( Kevin Jeffay and Don Smith) Chu, Heng (1994) “Semantically Guided First-Order Theorem Proving with Hyper-Linking” (David A.Plaisted) Chung, Goopeel (2002) “Log-based Collaborative Infrastructure” (Prasun Dewan) Chung, James Che-Ming (1993) “Intuitive Navigation in the Targeting of Radiation Therapy Treatment Beams” (Frederick P.Pizer) Bartel, Jacob (2015) “Predictions to Ease User’s Effort in Scalable Sharing (Prasun Dewan) Bastos, Rui (1999) “Superposition Rendering: Increased Realism for Interactive Walkthrough” (Frederick P. III (2004) “Physically-based Modeling Techniques for Interactive Digital Painting” (Ming Lin) Bellovin, Steven M.(1982) “Verifiably Correct Code Generation Using Predicate Transformers” (David L.Those from the most recent year will not immediately be available, however. (1986) “Parallel Image Generation with Anti-Aliasing and Texturing” (Henry Fuchs) Ackerman, Jeremy D.(2002) “Application of Augmented Reality to Laparoscopic Surgery” (Henry Fuchs) Ackermann Jr., Arthur F.Pizer) Chandak, Anish (2011) “Efficient Geometric Sound Propagation Using Visibility Culling.” (Dinesh Manocha) Chang, Chun-Fa.(2001) “LDI Tree: A Sampling Rate Preserving and Hierarchical Data Representation for Image-Based Rendering” (Gary Bishop) Chattopadhyay, Bipasa (2015) “Integrating Pragmatic Constraints and Behaviors Into Real-Time Scheduling Theory” (Sanjoy Baruah) Chen, David T.(1997) “Merging Real and Virtual Environments with Video See-Through Head-Mounted Displays” (Henry Fuchs) Bandyopadhyay, Deepak (2006) “A Geometric Framework for Robust Neighbor Analysis of Protein Structure and Function” (Jack Snoeyink) Banks, David C.(1993) “Interacting with Surfaces in Four Dimensions Using Computer Graphics” (Stephen M.


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