Tudor Rebellions Coursework

This A Level AQA History primer details the content of Seneca's revision courses, so that you can easily incorporate homework assignments on Seneca in your teaching plan.If you're a history teacher you can use Seneca to not only set homework in under 30 seconds, but also benefit from the auto-marking and revision insights.9 To what extent did the nature of rebellions change in the course of the Tudor period?

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8 Which presented a greater threat to the stability of Tudor England: political factions or changes inthe English Church?

Explain your answer.9 ‘There were fewer large-scale disturbances in the later Tudor period because governments becameincreasingly skilful at maintaining stability.’ How far do you agree with this statement about theperiod from 1485 to 1603?

The conspiracy aimed to depose Mary and marry her Protestant sister to Edward Courtney, grandson of Edward IV., and put her on the throne.

Wyatt appealed to patriotism when raising rebellion, saying he meant no harm to Mary- only to keep her from bad advisers, and to keep the Spaniards out of England. Religious; ‘The religious agenda of the rebellion deserves more attention that Loades gives it‘ (Fletcher).

There were no mass reprisals as in 1536, as Kent was a sensitive and vulnerable area.

Mary duly married Philip and got England in a disastrous war against France.That way you can easily identify what history topics needs more attention during the next in-class session, as well as see the topics your students understand well. - Coursework deadline for A-level History Your school might set their own internal deadlines, so it's recommended to check with your department head to confirm this date.- It's highly engaging making students study more often and for longer periods of time.Unit F966: Historical Themes Option A: Medieval and Early Modern 1066-1715Key Theme: Rebellion and Disorder in England 1485–1603Time: 2 hours Past questions Jan 20077 ‘Social and economic conditions were always a factor, but rarely the trigger.’ Assess this view ofthe causes of rebellions in Tudor England.8 How far did the political stability of Tudor England depend upon government legislation?Unusually Mary was not targeted by rebellion as a result of her counter-reformation.She had reversed much of Edward's policy before the Wyatt’s revolt.There is evidence of Protestant religious radicalism in Kent, the seat of the rebellion.The rising was planned to take place in March 1554 with a series of rising around the country led by prominent gentry, and the French giving naval support.But the crucial movement against a ruling Tudor, had proved difficult to make again, suggesting that the mystique of the Tudors made them almost impossible to dethrone.The leading conspirators, together with nearly 100 men, were executed.


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