To Kill A Mockingbird Essay On Point Of View

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Harper Lee demonstrates this reality in the classic tale Often, there is no greater power that influences an individual’s development than his or her surroundings.

It is one’s society that establishes what is generally accepted and how one comes to act within that society.

See in the mind's eye an onion, one with multiple layers more precisely.

Peeling the skin and exposing the layers of the onion slowly working towards the core of it.

She also learns the cruel side of prejudice when her father is called to defend Tom Robinson.

The kids at school tease her about her father defending him and even call her and her father bad names.

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The rigid class structure and social stratification of Maycomb County had a profound effect on the events in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Her father then explains to her that these children have been brought up in an environment where blacks are of a lower social status.

She also learns that the town is prejudiced against "Boo" Radley as he and his family seldom interacts with the other people in town.


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