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Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567831745"Peace was defined by solitude, of the wandering, but satisfied "vagrant dwellers in the houseless woods,/Or of some Hermit's cave,/where by his fire/The Hermit sits alone " (20-22) I also feel as if I can connect with nature, not for its primeval character, but the solitude it offers.) was founded on by Walter de Clare, Lord of Chepstow.The Carta Caritatis (Charter of Love) laid out their basic principles, of obedience, poverty, chastity, silence, prayer, and work.

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The setting is at once unfamiliar to me, but dwelling on more distant memories, I, too, can connect with the thrusts and positions of the narrator, Wordsworth.

Through a period of growth, a previously insensible and philistine view of nature is replaced with a more noble one in which the self relies on not the creator, but as I interpreted, the creation.

The present-day remains of Tintern are a mixture of building works covering a 400-year period between 11.

Very little of the first buildings still survive today; a few sections of walling are incorporated into later buildings and the two recessed cupboards for books on the east of the cloisters are from this period.

It is this great Decorated Gothic abbey church that can be seen today, representing the architectural developments of its period; it has a cruciform plan with an aisled nave, two chapels in each transept, and a square-ended aisled chancel.

The abbey is built of Old Red Sandstone, with colours varying from purple to buff and grey.

Unlike previous authors we have read, the persona's "crutch", his vitality counted not on a God or creator, but the seemingly eternal and omnisciently tranquil nature.

While I do not personally concur with Wordsworth's point entirely, I think it is a...

Let there be no towers of stone for bells, nor of wood of an immoderate height, which are unsuited to the simplicity of the order".

The Cistercians also developed an approach to the Benedictine requirement for a dual commitment to pray and work that saw the evolving of a dual community, the monks and the lay brothers, illiterate workers who contributed to the life of the abbey and to the worship of God through manual labour.


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