Thrift Store Business Plan

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About 100 Goodwill stores are going to start working with Offer Up, including in New York, San Francisco and Detroit, among other cities.

In addition to Offer Up’s platform, Goodwill is also using Upright Labs, which works with inventory control.

The company, which receives mounds of donated clothes, shoes and home goods and sells them in over 3,300 stores across the US and Canada, generated $4.29 billion worth of retail sales in 2017.

The proceeds go toward maintaining the store network, sorting donations and other expenses, including the salaries of over 100,000 employees, many of whom face barriers to employment.

It might pale in comparison to Goodwill, but The Real Real has earned a reputation for selling designer goods, while Goodwill is typically associated with cheap finds.

A partnership with a popular digital shopping app like Offer Up aims to reverse this characterisation.But despite a name that’s synonymous with secondhand to many shoppers, Goodwill has seen some of its customers migrate to online start-ups like The Real Real, Tradesy, Thred Up and Poshmark.The Real Real recently filed for IPO, and reported revenues of 7 million, which was up 55 percent from the previous year.“Because of the high level of customer service, many customers refer a shop to their circle of family and friends.” Great customer service will keep customers coming back, and word of mouth will bring in new shoppers. There are many other ways to attract new customers to your resale shop.They include: Some shops allow customers to host evening events and gatherings at the store.For example, collect your customers’ email addresses, and send them notices of upcoming sales, or even simply birthday greetings.Keep your thrift store inventory and your customer contact information organized with Talus Pay.That means resale shops and thrift stores need to go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs — everything from helping shoppers find the right items to suggesting add-on items that will complete an apparel outfit or a furniture setting.“Our member stores focus on customer service that isn’t found in the big-box stores,” Meyer says.To reach new shoppers, you’ll need to use all the traditional methods of marketing and advertising that any other retail business would employ.From printing fliers to creating newspaper, radio and television ads to engaging online with potential customers.


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