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These secondary colors can then easily be applied to links, borders / highlights, interior background and website background.

These secondary colors can then easily be applied to links, borders / highlights, interior background and website background.

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Now, you can set a base font size (the body text) and have all the headings etc change accordingly. Chris Pearson says the new Thesis Color Scale tool in 2.1 is patent-pending, and I can understand why!

Chris has even said the Typography Calculator in Thesis 2.1 is an improved version. Via a deceptively simple UI, it helps you create a beautiful color scheme for your website. Based on that, matching harmonious hue variations are automatically calculated.

To me as a professional web designer, it might be totally clear how to create a web site layout with some columns, but to a regular Joe or Jane, it’s not at all clear.

To them, such a layout is logically something that’s done with “the HTML” not CSS which most think are related purely to the of elements on the page.

But some users may want (and developers WILL need) more options to customize the appearance. A child theme will a set style, colors, graphics, etc.

Then, you’re able to customize it as you like, all without directly altering any files. For developers, this will save a lot of time because they will be able to develop a custom portfolio of themes, export them, and tweak them for each individual client.For that, I sincerely applaud Chris Pearson, and keep an eye on his contributions to Word Press web design. I’m starting to view Thesis 2.x more and more as a lab experiment or proof of concept.Yes, it can be used on real sites, but I personally find Headway to be a superior theme framework with much nicer people behind it.But, thanks to the accelerating pace of technology, convergence and consolidation: The future comes closer every single day. Headway and Page Lines are currently at the forefront of the cutting-edge of Word Press theme frameworks. Chris Pearson’s Golden Ratio Typography Calculator is an online app that helps you decide the right font sizes and line heights for the particular content width that you’re gonna use it in.In Thesis 2.1 that calculator has been baked into Thesis in a much more straightforward way.I clearly see that tendency/trend in my work with clients: They hire me out of necessity.If they could build their sites themselves: They would! There are too many assumptions and geek-speak in the world of web design.By that I mean it still has a long way to go before it reaches the polish modern Word Press web designers expect of a theme framework.But 2.1 does bring Thesis closer to general usability. It will be interesting to see what new innovations Page Lines DMS will bring to the table / to the world of Word Press web design – once released in just a week from now on!I believe in a future where most regular people, small business owners like my clients, can easily make their own websites. Think about it for a moment: Wouldn’t you enjoy travelling (or even living) in a foreign country if you could speak the native language?Not necessarily because they wanna save money, but rather because they wanna be , and be able to express themselves fully. Isn’t it nice to be able to cook food yourself instead of relying on eating out every day?


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