Thesis Turbomachinery Noise

Thesis Turbomachinery Noise-43
T., “Characterization of turbine rim seal flow and its sealing effectiveness”, Aero 2013 S.

T., “Characterization of turbine rim seal flow and its sealing effectiveness”, Aero 2013 S.

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P., “Development of a body force model for centrifugal compressors”, Aero 2013 S. Mazur, S., “Turbine tip clearance loss mechanisms”, Aero 2013 S.

R., “Return channel loss reduction in multi-stage centrifugal compressors”, Aero 2012 S.

His work helped make anti-sound useful for noise control and for stabilising unstable aeromechanical systems.

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His speciality was noise and vibration caused by unsteady flow.

His main achievement was to persuade very good research students to tackle important but interesting problems which ranged from the aeroacoustics of supersonic flight, to the quietening of underwater platforms.

D., "Characterization of unsteady loading due to impeller-diffuser interaction in centrifugal compressors", Computation for Design and Optimization Program, 2012 S. Sakulkaew, S., “Effects of rotor tip clearance on an embedded compressor stage performance”, M.

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