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A tour marketing plan is a structured guide for carrying out marketing operations.It provides a common structure and focuses on all the company’s management activities.The target market is that segment of a total potential market to which the tourist attraction would be most saleable.

The purposes of a marketing plan include: Thus, it has become imperative to discuss the tour marketing segment, tourist generating market, and tour marketing mix before developing a tour marketing plan.

It involves a division of the prospective market into identifiable groups.

In the tourism industry, every tourist wants to be treated as a special client and any organization catering to this attitude of the tourist will naturally be head of other competitions.

According to Kotler, ” Marketing is a social and managerial process by which consumers obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging product services and values with other.” He has emphasized more on wants, needs, satisfaction, demand, and marketers.

Similarly, the clients/tourists are also becoming more trained, experienced, erudite and demanding higher quality services and packages.

Therefore, in this volatile travel business environment, marketing knowledge and skill are more necessary ingredients than the product knowledge and enthusiasm, for a travel agency’s long-term survival and growth.Every tourism attraction can appeal to a multitude of market segments, and the market segment can overlap a great deal.The tour manager must look at market segments and determines which one offer the promising potential for his/her service.According to the British Chartered Institute of Marketing, ” It is the management process responsible for the identification, anticipating, assessing and satisfying the customer’s client’s requirements profitable.”The modern marketing concept is not limited only to the identification and satisfaction of customers.It is a comprehensive process which encompasses research and analysis of society’s as well as consumer’s needs, asserts the company’s resources and marketplace and delivers the products/services to those whose experience provides a set of satisfactions which are preferable to those of the competitors.The concept of change and survival are as important to the tour operators as they have to deal with both various vendors in the tourism market.It would, therefore, become imperative to understand what is tour marketing planning especially for the long-term survival of ant tour/company.Tour market segment further categories into the following types: This segment is based on the idea that customer needs differ according to geographic regions.Under this segmentation, the tourism market is divided into various groups, keeping in view the demographic variables such as age, income, sex family size, occupation, education, religion etc.The reasoning behind this is that a tour package can be sold more effectively if efforts are concentrated towards those groups which are most potential.According to Middleton, “Market segmentation is the process whereby producers organize their knowledge of customer groups and select for particular attention those whose needs and wants they are best able to meet their product.”The main purpose of tour market segmentation in tourism marketing are: An effective market strategy will determine exactly what the target market will be and to attempt to reach only those markets.


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