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An external analysis is also done to determine close competitors, market trends (opportunities and threats), technological changes and their impact in an organization, regulatory and legislative polices and frameworks in the operating environment and indeed other external factors and their influences on the organization.The information gathered in the above analysis are summarized and presented as a document for the human resource and/or organizational planning team to work on them.Strategic organizational planning is related to Human resource planning in that both practices provides for the future of an organization.

An external analysis is also done to determine close competitors, market trends (opportunities and threats), technological changes and their impact in an organization, regulatory and legislative polices and frameworks in the operating environment and indeed other external factors and their influences on the organization.

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In summary, human resource planning aims at foreseeing and provision of human resources, manage external factors that affect an organization and balance them with internal factors as well as encourage the employees.

If well applied, the sequel becomes secured future of such organization, reduced input cost as well as makes for highly talented staff.

In reality, better results would be achieved by an organization that tends to integrate their human resource to the operations of the organization.

Human Resource Planning is one of the early steps in Human Resource Management it handles issues regarding an organization’s future human resource requirement, albeit this may not be evident at the moment, but it is a very vital step as it assures of an organization’s future and failure to take active steps in that direction may spell doom for any organization.

An important aspect of human resources management is planning.

Human Resource Planning ensures the most valuable resource of an organization is optimally utilized by a process of continuous planning, monitoring and evaluation.

The third element is the balance of supply and demand where a balance between the demand for employed and the supply is made and appropriate measure taken in case shortage or lack of manpower exists.

Human resource planning has become increasingly important as organizations and companies continue to seek relevance in a highly competitive market.

Strategic planning presupposes that an organization examines the environment it is working and focus attention on the pressing problem and map effective problem solving strategies for those problems.

Organizational strategic planning often involves the following steps: conducting and internal survey on the current standing of the organization, taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses, financial performance, human resources, comparative advantage and limitations, corporate culture, current positioning in the markets and the general overview of the company.


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