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If you do not have a Student Account you will not be able to submit your thesis.Compulsory fields is found under the tabs Work, Publication Info, Context and Files & Access.If you have any problems or have questions on how to fill out the information contact the thesis administrators or click on the questionmark.Before you submit your thesis you are required to send the final version of it for review in Urkund ().Before you hand in the paper copies of your thesis, you should submit it electronically as a PDF document in Lund University Publications Student Papers (LUP), see more detail below.The schedule for the thesis seminars will be sent out via email later on the day of submitting the paper or the next day at the latest.The scheduling is a complicated process where many factors need to be taken into account.In case you have a very strong reason for not being able to attend a certain day during the seminar week (’s appointment, funeral), please leave a note about this to the thesis coordinators when you submit the paper copies of your thesis. In addition, the thesis must be sent in to Urkund and submitted electronically in LUP Student Papers before 11.00 the same day.It is therefore difficult to accommodate requests from individual students about specific time and date.In order to make sure that you will be able to attend your seminar, please make sure that you are available during the whole period when the seminars take place.


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