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Tuition for the upcoming academic year is announced in March by the MIT Corporation and based on a recommendation from Academic Council. As the steward of your registration, the Registrar’s Office assesses tuition.

College Tuition Is Too Expensive There are many colleges around the world and most people like to attend one.

This is the highest this number has been since 1971 (Marill and O’Leary 64-66, 93).

The amount of college graduate debt has been rapidly increasing also.

In order to be financially comfortable in the 15th century a college education is a must.

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It is an everyday battle getting financial support from a college’s administration.On average, students are graduating with more than ,000 in loan obligations, and parents often have to borrow even more money.The interest rates on private loans are higher than an average car loan, and each year the interest just increases.Higher education costs are prohibitively expensive because the state’s revenue is low, the unemployment rate is high, and graduates cannot pay off their student loans.One reason that higher education Now most receive less than 50 percent” (Hulsey 24).The cost of tuition for higher education is quickly rising.Over half of college freshmen show some concern with how to pay for college.(24) As a result of this, states receive pressure to make up for this and must raise tuition.Grant donors are also becoming less generous in their contributions to students as well.The main people that are affected by the tuition increase are middle-class families.Because low-income and middle class families rely heavily on government scholarship and private loans to pay through school.


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