The Big Lebowski Essay

The Big Lebowski Essay-26
Walter wearing a military-hinted outfit while holding the milk-powder-can-like prop makes one of the many metaphorical contradictions that are placed in the movie.

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The clip is then edited to an extreme long shot of Walter and the Dude standing still on the cliff with green grass closer to the camera and the blue Pacific Ocean in the background that the characters are looking at.

As an ending scene, the director thoughtfully balanced the mood by including lively features such as light brown swaying hay-like plants in the foreground to soothe the audience, green fields between rocks in the middle ground representing the unchanging physics elements in the universe while contrasting the entirely changed lives that both characters were going through and showed the overwhelming heavy emotions that the characters were feeling via the way they faced the enormous blue-colored background.

The ending scene starts with a long shot of the Dude and Walter’s back view walking from the foreground to the middle ground on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The way how the directors placed the two actors to walk a route in the middle of the screen with Walter leading the way in heavy posture, carrying Donny’s ashes in a milk-powder can implies that every human being alive are in line to face their own fate sooner or later.

The reappearance of sea gulls sound at this point represent the mockery of the Dude covered in ashes and also the shower of distorted society ideologies presented in this movie which are forced into our minds just like how sounds are forced into our heads.

Towards the end of this scene, Walter’s action of putting down the can on the ground to comfort an offended version of Dude shows how he finally moved on from the past and started to focus on the present.

This arrangement not only implies it is time to close the curtain of the Dude’s story but is also time for the audience to finally get to know more about Walter’s underlying obsession with him stepping up the stage to answer and satisfy the audience’s curiosity towards his bitterness past.

The prop Walter held during this scene, a Folgers roasted-coffee-powder can, also resembles a milk-powder can that acts as a metaphor for birth or new life, indicating the end of this phase of their lives but stepping into another phase.

Walter finally scattered Donny’s ashes but the onshore wind literally forced the Dude to ‘face’ Donny’s disheartening death when he got covered in his ashes all over the body.

The sound of waves coming onshore in this scene also implies that everyone has to go through the wash of generation impacts as well as events that one cannot avoid to experience in different stages of life.


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