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I had been to four continents by the age of 5, and the only thing I can remember is Germany.

On March 16th 2001, I became a big sister to a beautiful set of twins.

My brother and sister, fraternal twins, stole my heart the minute I first saw them.

Also, the chocolate, German chocolate was a favorite of everyone’s.

I had to spell ‘yes’ to get a piece once after dinner, and was dismayed to find that spelling ‘yes’ didn’t automatically get me what I wanted after that.

But my childhood, probably one of the most interesting pieces of my life thus far, has more than its fair share of gaps and confusions.

From what my parents tell me, there is so much that I had experienced before my 6th birthday, yet years and years of it slipped from my mind long ago.Also, these experiences have left me with a captivation for foreign places, I want to see it again, experience it again, something new and different, exciting and romantic. I look back with so much longing, but I appreciate that I was there. Being a teenager, my mind is most impressionable and vulnerable at this time.I try to make the right decisions, and learn from the wrong ones. I regret what I've done, and regret what I haven't done.I think that, although being long ago, my foreign adventures provided me with some insight into the world, and the pieces of my tattered memory are beautiful for the most part, and there is something I can appreciate in each and every scene.Some so vivid that if I was an artist I could paint it right now, flowing from my head straight onto paper. So many years, so many days, so many thoughts, so much time.It flows together like a puzzle, pieces are missing here and there, but I still function as a person.The streets, the stones and the people, the tiredness of my little feet, the jealousy I felt towards my brother in the blue stroller that I was too big to ride in.There are events I remember, some daily, some unique, special, yet fading each day from my mind.


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