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College students should be required to complete a year of community service/volunteer work before they can graduate, in order to create mature and caring schools should require students to be involved in some type of community service.First of all, high schools should require students to be involved in some type of community service, because it helps students find their passion and interest in whatever they want to do with their life.How is it possible that 75 hours of community service out of a four-years of high school could take away someone's time?

The community is also in desperate need of youthful enthusiasm to improve itself.

Teenagers spend a lot of time at school, but to take part of 75 hours of community service of a four-year period is a rather small number.

If community service is started at a young age it will become habit to help others and not so much burdensome to us. Teenagers need to be street smart as well as book smart.

Community service is very rewarding, so helping some one accomplish a task that they themselves were unable to accomplish before can be gratifying.

Community service is a really good way for students to explore the world around them, and define a possible career path.

By engaging in volunteer work Should School Uniforms be Mandatory? Some parents say yes because their kids get picked on because of what they wear, some kids say no because they hate uniforms or they hate looking like everyone else.Being able to find 75 hours of the 18,432 is an incredibly simply task.Teenagers cannot argue that community service takes time away from studying because there is plenty of time on the...Uniforms can be a pro and a con; they can help the school community, but also can tear your school in half.Uniforms aren't mandatory in many public schools, hardly any in Virginia.Should High School Students be required to do Community Service?Communities are places where people whom share similar characteristics, live together.It may be mandatory to go somewhere or to do read each and everyone’s statement.I think that staff and the board should make community service mandatory for students to graduate.To begin, requiring 75 hours of community service could be a disservice to students because it could hold many back from graduating.A lot of students have a very busy schedule and might not be able to do the required amount of time of community service.


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