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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As in today’s advertisement scenario, surrogate advertisements holds great potential and growth when compare to other advertisements.

This growth and potentiality directed to enter into this sector.

Customers mainly remind the surrogate advertisements because on the medium, it is represented through different media’s.

The entire study points out the area of improvements, while doing the surrogate advertisements.

An estimate by National Crime Records Bureau in 2013 suggested that one Indian dies every 96 minutes due to alcohol consumption.

On the other hand every year one million people die due to tobacco consumption in India.The success story of a good advertisement depends on how it creates image before customer’s mind.This study tries to reveal the knowledge and perception of customer’s by exploring their experiences and valuable suggestions.So descriptive type of research is adopted for studying the overall market.Non probability sampling technique, convenient sampling is carried out for collecting the primary data.In conclusion, while surrogate advertising is a very clever marketing strategy, it definitely is unethical.The mere fact that someone is willing to put the lives of millions of people at stake just for financial gains should be reason enough to think so. If the government really wants to curb this, it needs to remove the loopholes and bring in more stringent regulations.Though the percentage method data’s is being interpreted .Primary as well as secondary data’s were collected through questionnaire method, and it helps to experience the advertisement perception of customer directly.In a way, this is just marvelously brilliant and genius. As such, the motivation of these firms look even more suspect when they advertise products that do not even exist.It was all going well and good for the corporations until 2002 when in June of that year the Information and Broadcast Ministry of India banned about 14 advertisements of surrogate products of alcohol brands.


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