Statement Of Purpose Business Plan

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They can give them an idea of what the organization is striving to do.

This will only be effective if you write mission statements at the conclusion of a strategic planning exercise; one guided by a clear purpose statement.

This results from the work of John Argenti, and his purpose sequence.

The corporate purpose is the raison d’être of the whole organization. It is set by or for the people for whose benefit the organization exists.

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Check out these resources on other viewpoints about the importance of purpose for your organization, project, or program.The hardest part of any piece of writing is just getting started.Having a format can help quickly give structure to not only what you should write, but what the finished piece should look like.Statement of purpose- Of course the purpose statement, while fundamental, should be pursued within the framework of sound ethics, and not on an ‘anything goes’ basis.This accountability requires a code of corporate conduct.The following statement of purpose format offers some general direction so you can start getting ideas and get to writing.Think about it, do you really want to waste your time trying to figure out everything you need to know about your statement of purpose? That’s why we wrote this quick guide to tell you everything you need to know to go from staring a blank screen to writing your first draft of a successful statement of purpose.The reason is that your statement is apart of your larger application which already has your name throughout it.However, it is important to look at the specific requirements for the program you’re applying to.Using the Argenti approach, stating a clear simple purpose follows this logical path.Firstly, whom does your organization primarily exist to benefit? Is it a community services organization working for some other ‘stakeholder’ group?


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