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Although the plane managed to land intact, the incident claimed the life of one passenger.

Although the plane managed to land intact, the incident claimed the life of one passenger.

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That being said, one fee that remains in place is a front-of-the-line option for passengers wanting to board a jet before everyone else.

The cost for that services ranges from $30 to $50 depending on the destination.

Its CEO, Gary Kelly, is adamant that the airline won't charge fees for baggage, ticket changes or preferred seating. As far as he's concerned, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, even if other airlines benefit from the markup by charging fees for preferred seating, baggage and ticket-changing.

In fact, Southwest has no plans to abandon its open-seat policy. Then there's the issue of the company still trying to rebound after they took an economic hit after one of its planes suffered a mid-air accident back in April.

The boarding assignment changed the game in a very interesting way.

Instead of rewarding passengers who waited at the gate the longest (people who did not value their time), the boarding assignment generally rewarded people who could check in online in advance (people who were organized and often affluent).

Shorter times at the gate save Southwest money, and that indirectly keeps airfares low.

The cost savings are a major reason Southwest has employed open-seating for its entire 42-year history.

The bad part is that groups and families cannot reserve seats and might get split up.

The good part is that open-seating is much faster than assigned seating.


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