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In this epic Roland seems like a normal soldier who is simply doing his job in defending his territory and doing as Charlemagne says.He does not seem to have any want for personal glory like heroes in other epics.

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Many knights were of course not perfect but in the Song of Roland Roland, Oliver, and Thierry are perfect knights because they have a strong devotion, and are respectful....

[tags: The Song of Roland, Feudalism, Knight] - Comparing Song of Roland, The Life Story of Pavlichenko, and The Prince Abstract: By evaluating different approaches of rulers to their vassals, in The Song of Roland and The Life Story of Pavlichenko, Matvey Rodionych, it is shown that Machiavelli made a mistake when he came up with his general rule: “It is much safer to be feared than loved, if hi is to fail in one of the two.” (Machiavelli, 54).

[tags: Crusades, Poem Analysis, Poetry] - In the Song of Roland, ideal characteristics of a knight are identified mainly with having skill as a horseman and fighting on the battlefield.

The idea of an armored knight is closely descended from the equites class of Rome.

As demonstrated through the altering of historical events in The Song of Roland, the conflict between the Christian and Islamic religions takes precedence over the more narrow scope of any specific battle and is shaped, at least in part by the blind perception of a prejudice born of the ignorance and envy Christian Europe had for representatives of the non-Christian world....

[tags: Song of Roland Essays] - The epic The Song of Roland displays the themes of religion, heroism, bravery and honour.

[tags: Christianity, Charlemagne, Paganism] - The Song of Roland and Ywain: A Changing Society as Viewed Through Its Literature When comparing the epic poem of The Song of Roland to the romantic literature of Ywain, the differences between the early medieval period and the high medieval period become evident.

Both The Song of Roland and Ywain depicts the societies from which each story derives its fundamental characteristics.

As the Crusades developed within European Christendom, The Song of Roland inspired christian soldiers and justified the purpose of the Crusades: to promote Christianity, by force, and reclaim the Christian lands.

In other words, the mission of crusaders was to rid the lands of “Pagans,”similar to the Saracens of The Song of Roland.


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