Solving Multi Step Equations Word Problems

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So let's set that to a variable or set a variable to represent that. And then to solve for x, we just have to divide both sides by 27. She makes on every computer she sells and her monthly expenses are ,000. What is the minimum number of computer she needs to sell in a month to make a profit? Well, we can do a little bit of long division to handle that. So I'll let you think about that for a second. So we have x on our right-hand side is going to be equal to 10,000/27. Well, let's think about what we have to figure out. In this case – addition (subtraction) and multiplication (division).To practice solving two-step equations – word problems, feel free to use the worksheets below.In this lesson, we will learn how to solve multi-step equation word problems.Multi-Step Equation Word Problems Two problems illustrating how to solve word problems using equations.4 * x = 20 The next thing to do is to get rid of the number 4 in front of the variable.We will do that by dividing the whole equation by 4.


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