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Let the time in which he travelled on foot $=x$ hr Then the time in which he travelled on bicycle $=(9-x)$ hrdistance = speed × time$\Rightarrow 4x 9(9-x)=61\\\Rightarrow 4x 81-9x=61\\\Rightarrow 5x=20\\\Rightarrow x=4$Distance travelled on foot$=4x=4×4=16\text$Let the distance he travelled on foot $=x$ km Then the distance he travelled on bicycle $=(61-x)$ km$\text=\dfrac\\\Rightarrow \dfrac \dfrac=9\\\Rightarrow 9x 4×61-4x=36×9\\\Rightarrow 5x 244=324\\\Rightarrow 5x=324-244=80\\\Rightarrow x=\dfrac=16\text$New speed $=6/7$ of usual speed Speed and time are inversely proportional.

The emphasis was always on the process of problem solving, never on the reward of a job well done. I also know it takes a lot of desire to change what we have been taught is correct. My life is a lot better now that I don’t see everything as a series of problems to be solved.

I actually like who I am now and that’s a treasure I am unwilling to give up.

I lived for the To-Do list helping me arrange my life so I could get more things done.

I never expected a reward beyond getting those things done. I deserve something more than being out of breath from running to handle each new problem. I’d help my mom with the grocery list, figuring out what we could afford, carry bags of clothing to the laundromat, help my dyslexic brother with his homework and a dozen other things on a daily basis.In a house chronically short on time and money everything was a struggle. Everything was a problem that needed solving before moving onto the next problem.Lately, I’ve been struck by the similarity between how I used to think and the gig economy.The gig economy has become a morally correct way to live instead of a choice. Nothing ever lasts very long, there’s little routine and after your gig is done, you must immediately search for more work to keep you going.Since I saw primarily problems that needed fixing, that’s what I got; more problems.Since I been raised to solve problems, my adult self saw that as the “morally right” way to live and any other way as the “morally wrong” way.Since there were always things not finished, there was little satisfaction in accomplishing anything.Growing up that way led me to an unending series of jobs where there were always problems to be solved as quickly as possible so I could move onto the next problem.There was no time to contemplate the feeling of a job well done.There was only the next problem waiting to be taken care of.


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