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The approach behind such experiments highlights that, people continue to make a number of such rules everyday, and do not even realize it.

The approach behind such experiments highlights that, people continue to make a number of such rules everyday, and do not even realize it. Clearly, a breaching experiment is like asking for trouble.

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If you have tried any of these, you can be called a researcher who was engaged in studying social norm breaching experiments.

Such kind acts of nonsense, which you may call bizarre, are not solely meant for entertainment purposes. Don't be so technical.(After more watching)S: All these old movies have the same kind of old iron bedstead in them. Do you mean all old movies, or some of them, or just the ones you have seen?

You would notice, it is very easy to create social norms. Then she answered in a hostile way: 'What do you mean?

Here are some examples of interpersonal conversations, mentioned in ethnomethodology literature as case studies of experimentation given by Garfinkel.

You may find a few people actually believing you and ducking while they pass through.

Someone might even go around you, so as to not break that string. WALK ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE SIDEWALK HAVE A ANIMATED CONVERSATION WITH YOURSELF IN PUBLIC LOOK UP ALL THE TIME SAY HELLO TO EVERYONE WHEN PEOPLE ASK YOU HOW YOU ARE DOING, TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR WHOLE DAY WEAR YOUR CLOTHES BACKWARDS DONT TAKE YOUR HAT, COAT, & GLOVES OFF, EVEN INSIDE.VIOLATE PEOPLES PERSONAL SPACE WHISPER TO WHEN YOU TALK YELL WHEN YOU TALK ASK STRANGERS IF YOU CAN CUT IN LINE.These experiments try to break these 'taken for granted' social norms. Reactions of others to such tricks are also fun to look at. This concept is associated with the ethnomethodology theory of sociology, put forth by Harold Garfinkel. - On Friday night, my husband and I were watching television. An unexpected behavior or comment leaves the respondent completely puzzled, making the experiment successful. You act like both of you are talking about something important. Then, act as if the both of you are holding a very thin and delicate cotton string in your fingertips, each one of you holding one end of it. ', as a response to every statement, students were asked to continue the conversation. " Behaving according to the established practices of following given rules is so important here, even if it is a game. This exemplifies an established social order.- At a decently crowded public place, get one of your friends to stand opposite you.


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