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Insects land on the leaf, are caught by the surface tension of the water, and suffocate.

Bacteria start to decay the insect, and release nutrients from the corpse.

Because of the need for food or human selfishness ,many animals have become extinct.

Whoever acquires a disease or virus usually gets the virus from another person or from the original host usually a animal.

True carnivoury has probably evolved independently at least six times.

Hairy leaves do catch and hold drops of rainwater, which helps bacterial growth.

Rather, they have a symbiosis with another organism, which feeds on the prey.

One such case is the species of the sundew Roridula, which forms a symbiosis with the assassin bug. The plant benefits from the nutrients in the bugs' faeces.

There are more than twelve genera in five families.

These include about 625 species that attract and trap prey, produce digestive enzymes, and use their nutrients. The leaves of the plant do not grow or move as a response to moving prey.


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