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Armitage was commissioned to write Killing Time for the millennium and it was later dramatised and shown television on the 1 January 2000.

Armitage was commissioned to write Killing Time for the millennium and it was later dramatised and shown television on the 1 January 2000.

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He’d walked from town after losing his job, leaving me a note for his wife and his brother and locking his dog in the coal bunker. One evening he mentioned a recipe for smooth, seedless gooseberry sorbet but by then I was tired of him: taking pocket money from my boy at cards, sucking up to my wife and on his last night sizing up my daughter. This is not general knowledge, except in gooseberry season, which reminds me, and at the table I have been known to raise an eyebrow, or scoop the sorbet into five equal portions, for the hell of it.

Then a month, and not a stroke of work, a word of thanks, a farthing of rent or a sign of him leaving. Then we drove without headlights to the county boundary, dropped the tailgate, and after my boy had been through his pockets we dragged him like a mattress across the meadow and on the count of four threw him over the border.

Armitage finishes on a single line, again an unusual structure, but in this case the simple ending is most effective.

Robinson lays down his 'paper-clips and staples' (Kid 84:2) and finally chooses to make a stand against 'the business of work' (Kid 84:8).

In 2015, he was elected Oxford Professor of Poetry and in 2017 he was appointed Professor of Poetry at the University of Leeds. Known for his deadpan delivery, Armitage’s formally assured, often darkly comic poetry is influenced by the work of Ted Hughes, W. Several of his collections have also been short-listed for the Whitbread Prize and the T. Armitage has also performed as a member of the band The Scaremongers.

He has taught at the University of Leeds, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Until 1994 he worked as a probation officer in Greater Manchester.

He has lectured on creative writing at the University of Leeds, the University of Iowa, and was senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Perhaps therefore, the most powerful technique that Simon Armitage uses is not his command of language, or his satirical style, but simply the ability to engage with the truth, display unrelenting honesty and invoke the most powerful images with the smallest allusion.

The truth, therefore, is more powerful that any art form and 'the ordinary can be miraculous' (Bond 2007).


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