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Shainin finds the root cause extremely fast, most of the times in days instead of weeks or months.Shainin can take your Lean Six Sigma program to the next level!

Savings and cost avoidance exceeded one million dollars annually.

This is a typical case study where a tough project is solved very quickly. What sort of training is involved with mastering Shainin? And the highest level is Shainin Master (like Master Black Belt).

Shainin uses a radically different approach which is called the Y to X (or Effect to Cause) to converge on the root cause.

This is a huge paradigm shift of the traditional approach of X to Y, which is listing of potential causes (Xs) through brainstorming and engineering judgment then test to see if the Xs have an effect on the Y. Like reverse engineering, it starts out with a well defined effect, Y, which is a measured response that has engineering leverage and reveals insight into the physics of the failure.

I have worked with many clients in which Shainin problem solving skills allows the Green Belts or Black Belts to find and eradicate root causes of problem faster with fewer resources.

Shainin is particularly powerful in the Analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC.Shainin uses the Problem Definition Tree to convert business problems to high-value projects.Then it uses Project Definition Tree to convert a project to a well defined Y or response with engineering leverage.What are some of the most basic tools that Shainin employs?Let me describe some of the basic tools as they occur in the problem solving process.I specialize in providing problem solving expertise to solve urgent, critical and chronic manufacturing and technical problems.Earlier in my career, I also worked as Master Black Belt and Shainin Red X Master for seven years with Delphi Corporation and General Motors, where I trained teams to solve chronic technical problems.How may Shainin be used to help complement other structured innovation/process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma?Shainin can be used to complement the Lean Six Sigma methodology.Prior to joining SSA & Company, I worked as the Manager, Innovation and Continuous Improvement Methodology (I&CIM) for Delphi Corporation.In this position, I provided leadership to deploy Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Shainin Problem Solving for billion multi-business units globally.


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