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In carrying out an honors project, a student has a chance to make good use of a great many skills acquired in classrooms, laboratories and libraries.An honors project also gives the student a chance to acquire many new, valuable skills, including (1) knowledge of how to manage a large, in-depth study of a single, challenging problem; (2) an understanding of what it means to work as part of a research team; (3) sharpened organizational and communication skills; and (4) an appreciation of how real scientific inquiry is carried out.

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The project typically consists of an original research project and report.

The nature and scope of the project are determined in consultation with the faculty project advisor.

Psychology courses listed in the 90s are not included in the computation.

Typically more students want to do honors than there are professors available to advise them.

The major advisor and second reader will complete and sign the Evaluation of Honors Proposal Form and submit it to the Psychology Office by December 15.

Before collecting data from human subjects, honors students must work with their advisor on a human subject protocol that will be reviewed by the IRB BCPHS (Brandeis Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects).The honors project consists of scholarly work culminating in a written research report and an oral presentation.Occasionally, an honors student completes a comprehensive critical literature review instead.Students registered across two semesters will not receive a grade until the final project is completed and evaluated.A single grade will then be posted for both Psy 4902V registrations.Psychology majors who wish to do honors research must have both an overall and a psychology concentration GPA of 3.3 at the end of their junior year.PSYC 51a (Statistics, or MATH 36b or ECON 83a) and PSYC 52a (Research Methods) should be completed by the end of their junior year.Note: PSY 4994V, the prerequisite course to the honors thesis, is designed to walk you through these steps.Registration for PSY 4902V credits requires completion of the Department of Psychology Honors Thesis Contract, which must be reviewed by a psychology advisor during Drop-in Hours prior to distribution of a permission number.Most students who successfully complete honors in psychology report that this process was the most valuable part of their academic training at Brandeis.The following is meant to explain honors' prerequisites and mechanics.


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