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Considered to be the worst defeat ever suffered by the Roman army, the battle of Cannae was fought on the plains of central Italy on August 2, 216 BC.Although a crushing defeat for the Romans, Cannae was Hannibal's finest hour. Available at OWic Owt Ha8 (2006): an episode in the History Channel′s series on ancient technology. ″Delenda Est″ imagines an alternative history in which time travelers kill Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Ticinus, allowing Hannibal to annihilate Rome in 210 BCE. Criticized by some as an indulgent exercise in Orientalism and imperialist propaganda, Flaubert′s novel helped shape the image of Carthage in art and the popular imagination. Mayor, 2010 available at Sweating Truth Beneker, J. ″Nepos′ Biographical Method in the ′Lives of the Foreign Generals′″. Feel free to give our address: [email protected] Edition (Cléo)c/o École centrale de Marseille – Technopôle de Château-Gombert38 rue Frédéric Joliot-Curie13013 Marseille Cedex 20 You can also ask us, using the form below, to contact of your library or institution.

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In fact, the tactics he employed there are still studied and used today.

Due to the combination of Hannibal's tactical genius, the superior Carthaginian cavalry, and the poor leadership of the Roman army, the Carthaginians were able to completely defeat the Romans.

The new arrivals in Rome enjoyed the festivals and other public entertainment that were created to maintain public morale during the dark days of the war.

Newcomers developed a preference for the city over the life of drudgery they had known working on farms.

But to the offensively minded Romans, these policies proved to be unpopular.

Thus, when his term was finished, the Romans elected two consuls who campaigned on the promise of defeating...Knowing he would lose in pitched battle, the new dictator, Fabius Maximus, refused to fight a decisive battle with Hannibal.Instead, he preferred to use caution and only fight small skirmishes.The richest lands were converted to vineyards and the poorer tracts to olive groves, while ranching was the most profitable for capitalist landowners.Holdings that were a mix of ranching and farming grew to more than 300 acres, found mostly in southern and central Italy, the area most heavily devastated by the Second Punic War.Rome's second war against Carthage reduced the number of people in the Italian countryside. People had died and people had moved to the cities to escape war.Some people had left the countryside to work in the arms industry, and some had left for Rome looking for subsistence.For the past fifty years, the Romans and Carthaginians had engaged in a series of struggles known as the Punic wars.The first Punic war was fought primarily over the island of Sicily and ended with a Roman victory in 241 BC.And after the war ended, many veterans from farming families preferred settling in cities, especially Rome, rather than return to the countryside.Cities in Italy became overcrowded, and Rome became the most populous city in Europe and West Asia.


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