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I would check with the school district on their policy before you invest in a property. anon I'd check the enrollment requirements for the district you are interested in. While it's a bit sneaky, I would bet there are tons of folks who do the same thing so you gotta do what you gotta do.

I would feel a bit nervous about being found out, though.

Thats OK when your kids are younger but after 3rd grade or so, it is a problem. Let me tell you though, that as a parent of a child in one of the ''coveted'' school districts. My husband and I work hard to afford where we live.

I personally would feel very uncomfortable teaching/coaching my child to lie so that we could get into a district we weren't legally supposed to attend..... We rent, as we cannot afford to own a home in this city.

You have the legal right to step out of the system; you do not have the legal right to subvert it.

--a mom (and a former public school administrator and teacher) I know of a family who did this exact thing, and I heard that they got caught.

Apparently just owning a property and paying the taxes there is not acceptable---you are supposed to live in it.

I have heard (in albany) of officials coming to the addresses and checking to see if the kids actually live there. You'd have to decide if it's worth it to you to have some of your mail go to the other address.

(One Bay Area district saved million dollars in two years by tracking down residency cheaters.) I share all this in kindness.

I hate the system that allows some students to get a great education just because of where they live, forces others to get a poor one just because of where they live, and allows others with the socioeconomic wherewithal to get around the system and choose.


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