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But I don't think it's right that only students whose parents make a sizeable income could afford to enroll. It tells where you can get free practice tests graded online and essays graded for free by computer.

That's why I created The SAT Essay Formula so that students of any income level can get the highest scores of which they are capable. I've personally reviewed these resources and found them to be effective. All the bonuses combined would cost $30.00 if purchased separately.

If you don't feel this book is worth 10 times it's cost request a refund and you'll get it!

Just think the same improvement in writing skills you'll get through this program will more than pay for the book! Just click on the "I want to succeed", button below and you'll be taken to an order form.

Would you like to know these simple questions that enabled my students to write higher quality essays faster than ever before?

The system of questions in "The SAT Formula", became my student's internal guide to writing their essays, as with a little practice they no longer needed me to ask them questions. By the end of the course I felt like they didn't even need a teacher anymore!

(Once you learn this you'll no longer waste precious time trying to figure out what to say.) Also included in the book are powerful tips based on research into how the SAT Essay is scored. Les Perelman of MIT and Adam Robinson who sits on the board of the Princeton Review.

From this research I discovered the following ideas that I've included in The SAT Essay Formula: How SAT graders really grade your essay and how you can use this knowledge to boost your score.

You then learn a set of easy questions that help you organize your ideas rapidly. The first time I taught students this system I was amazed at what happened.

I asked my students a set of simple questions I came up with as I wrote answers to SAT Essay prompts.


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