Salvadoran Culture Essay

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Unfortunately, these developments had high costs for the Indian populations.

When the indigo rotted, diseases would be brought to the Indian villages that cultivated it, killing off entire villages in several instances.

The mixing of the Pipil and other tribes with European settlers is reflected in the modern-day ethnic composition of the country.

El Salvadorans are known for their industriousness, and the country has produced several internationally acclaimed artists, including poet Roque Dalton.

Because the Oligarchy viewed the Indians as disposable labor, they did not feel the need to treat them to prevent their numbers from dwindling.

Instead, the Spanish replaced them with slaves imported from Africa (Montgomery 71).

These volcanoes are separated by a series of basins (commonly referred to as El Salvador’s central plain), lying at elevations of between 3,500 and 5,000 feet (1,000 and 1,500 metres), whose fertile soils, derived from volcanic ash, lava, and alluvium, have for centuries supported the cultivation of crops.

To the south, where the central highlands give way to the Pacific coast, is a narrow coastal plain with average elevations of between 100 and 500 feet (30 and 150 metres).

When this happened, they were merely replaced by another tribe (Krauss 60).

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