Rutgers New Brunswick Essay Prompt

I’ve more often heard it stated that “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” This quote, whatever its origin, has always resonated with me, because to me, success seldom comes if you don’t prepare yourself for the opportunities that may lie ahead...

The chill from its absence felt nice at first, but soon I'm missing the warm sun on my back. They are illuminated with a certain joy that is rarely seen anywhere else... At my mom’s suggestion, I walked into Black Belt Academy for my first karate class.

I didn’t know then that the institution wouldn’t just teach me self-defense, but would radically change my perspective in life...

It was a combination of luck, determination, and a tremendous amount of time spent on countless Google searches that brought the score to me.

Although the piece is incredible, the story of finding it is even better... Warnke, whose enthusiasm about the subject of biology inspired me and sparked my interest in the biological field of science.


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