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Spelling and Mechanics: There are some spelling and/or punctuation mistakes, but they do not interfere with understanding.

Not Pass (2) Content: The student may address one or two of the questions in the prompt but not thoroughly.

It takes time to create a quality rubric, but this is where can help.

When you pull-down a component to add to your rubric, assessment criteria is populated for each level!

Vocabulary: Words are specific, varied, and used correctly throughout. Overall, there are few grammar mistakes, and the meaning of sentences is clear.

Spelling and Mechanics: Most words are spelled correctly and most punctuation is used correctly.Try to articulate what makes the good assignments good and the poor assignments poor. You can create customized rubrics for primary, elementary, middle, and high school.Vocabulary: Words are specific and varied and are generally used correctly.Grammar: Verb tenses are generally used correctly and the meaning of sentences is clear although there are some grammar mistakes.Grammar: There are mistakes with grammar, including verb tenses, so that the meaning of sentences may not be clear.Spelling and Mechanics: There are some spelling and/or punctuation mistakes which interfere with understanding.You may want to start with the best and worst levels of quality, and then fill in the middle levels based on your knowledge of common problems.It may be helpful to sort examples of actual student work into three piles: the very best, the poorest and those in between. Clear Pass (4) Content: The student addresses the questions in the prompt so that the writing is interesting and well-developed.Organization: Clear paragraphing with ideas moving smoothly from general to specific or in another clear and logical order with specific details and examples clearly supporting the ideas presented.


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