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And the worst thing is it's still happening almost everywhere.Virginia Woolf wrote an essay called (I think) “Shakespeare’s sister” that is exactly about this topic and is very short and worth the read if you can find it. I also think of all the brilliant people who where born in a different era and couldn’t contribute nearly as much as they could have if born in more modern times. '' I want to go into other solar systems - way out - and find new planets,'' said Nicholas Roland, a sixth grader.

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he was out front shaking the hands of all the students.'' An Invitation to Watch Dr.

There's probably a ton of them running around in Africa right now.

Tesla had a way to give everyone wireless electricity much safer and cheaper than Edison.

Big oil just buried him though, as I'm sure these corporate giants do with just about every step anyone takes toward independence or making old shit obsolete.

Would we know of Nikola Tesla’s genius of he was born a Native American 5000 BC?

Big oil and private interests are also to be held accountable for sabatoging the progress of mankind.

Mc Nair went to see God,'' wrote Latiauna Snow.

' '' March 23, 1984, is regarded as the greatest day in the history of P. Mc Nair went to the moon,'' Donald Rains wrote.'' Dr.

Students from outside institutions can only apply to the summer program.

Students should review the eligibility and application requirements before applying to a program.


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