Romeo And Juliet Movies Comparison Essay

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However, Luhrmann aimed at a younger age group, and he made it a lot more exciting and violent, he also set it in modern times so as to make it more believable for younger audiences, and so that younger audiences would appreciate it more, rather than ‘some old play’ as they might have put it.

Luhrmann’s main goal was to make money, and he did that by making it more exciting with up to date music and sound effects for a younger audience, he modernised and adapted the play to suit the younger audiences.

Franco Zefferelli, however, created his film in 1970, starring Leonardo Whitting and Olivia Hussey, focusing on how well the actors played the part of the character, as he wanted to keep the originality of the play.

Clever film techniques were used in Luhrmann’s film, for example at a very emotional moment, when Tybalt dies, the camera tilts down to see the gun in Romeo’s hand, and stays there for an extended time, which is very symbolic as it makes you think about what the gun can do and you see the virgin Mary on the side of it, the whole film pauses for a second so that everyone can contemplate on what just happened.

Both of the films are a tragedy type film because of the deaths of close family and friends; there is fighting and despair, and two of the main characters die during scene three and two more die in the final scene, concluding the play.

Romeo And Juliet Movies Comparison Essay Free Speech Essay

Both of the films are romances, and the main theme of the film.As a result of this the last little bit of hope was lost.Both the Zefferelli and the Luhrmann films, showed how bizarre ‘Romeo and Juliet’ really was.The props were then updated from the 1600s to their modern-day equivalent, guns, and the coastal area was re-named "Verona Beach".Even though Zefferelli chose a more classical setting, he still changed some of the scenery.Another significant difference in the directors' interpretations of Romeo and Juliet is what they omitted or edited.The murder of Paris was totally withdrawn from both movies.Neither film stayed completely faithful to the text in this respect.The Luhrmann version changed the location from Verona, Italy to Los Angeles, USA.Luhrmann was trying to produce a marketable, popular version of Romeo and Juliet.Baz Luhrmann created his movie in 1997 with Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes taking the lead roles, he used young and popular, successful actors, to ensure the film’s marketability.


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