Romanticism In Young Goodman Brown Essay

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His faith has collapsed, he has nothing left to cling to, and he gives himself up to the devil.

In this case, the third stage at the end of the adventures is a tragic one a reversion of exaltation: goodman Browns collapse.

He insists on keeping his path and refuses to take the serpent staff and to be led by the elder guy.

His reaction now is resent and indignation, which step by step turns into doubt after the conversation between the elder companion and Goody Cloyse, "a very pious and exemplary dame," (612) then astonishment and heart-sinking at the dialogue between the minister and Deacon Gookin about the communion.

This theme may become a structural principle of fiction on any level of sophistication.

(Frye 190) Hawthornes story also follows this principle.

Like some of Reformed churches on the European continent, Puritan reforms were typified by a minimum of ritual and decoration and by an unambiguous emphasis on preaching.

Like the early church fathers, they eliminated the use of musical instruments in their worship services, for various theological and practical reasons.

At the level of the church body, the Puritans believed that the worship in the church ought to be strictly regulated by what is commanded in the Bible (known as the regulative principle of worship).

The Puritans condemned as idolatry many worship practices regardless of the practices' antiquity or widespread adoption among Christians, which their opponents defended with tradition.


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