Risk Management Dissertations

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To explore the research opportunities on cloud computing, a basic understanding of the traditional risk management standards is mandatory.

I hereby discuss the Information Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis framework from the perspective of the standard ISO 27008, which is based on ISO 27013 (formerly ISO 27001: 2005) and ISO 27008 controls.

Feel free to consider the following twelve interesting dissertation ideas on risk management.

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The key challenges in this configuration are the following: (a) Most of the security controls are owned and managed by the cloud service providers.

The client organisation merely gets access to controls related to users and groups management.

(f) The data stored on the cloud is spread across multiple unknown (untraceable) locations.

There is a high risk of data proliferation with no clarity on who shall be responsible.

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By: The standards and best practices of Information Risk Management have evolved significantly in the recent past with the evolution of cloud computing and the emerging threats to client businesses running their ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) on the clouds.


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