Research Proposal Topics In Business

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The Discussion section is a culmination of the research and the most important part of the paper, but one that is mostly ignored.

Most newbies in research simply interpret the results but do not discuss the findings.

Once we know the list of variables and their nature, the next step is identification of key variable, there relationship and then putting them into a diagrammatic view that would help in easily identifying dependent, independent, mediating variables.

A theoretical framework should have the following ingredients A hypothesis is an educated guess; it is referred to as an educated guess because it is based on the theoretical foundation laid down in the literature review and theoretical framework.

It is important that this section should have ample information for the reader, so that if he/she wants to replicate the study in their settings they can do it with ease (Huck, 2004).

There are few questions that a researcher needs to answer which drafting research methodology.A research design is the detailed blueprint used to guide a research study towards its objectives.Business research, is a scientific investigation that involves set of highly interrelated activities, if one activity is not performed properly it will have damaging effects forthcoming activities.The article explains the steps involved in the business research process The research process starts with the identification of the issues that needs to be researched.In case of basic research conducted by academics an area of interest or some new area is identified for purpose of research.A problem statement is a clear, precise, and succinct statement of question or issue that is to be investigated with the goal of finding an answer or solution (Sekaran, 2003).An important part of academic research, literature review serves a soul of research.One of the problems with researchers is that they do not know what test to apply in what situation, this has been taken care off by identifying the scenarios in which the test are applicable, plus detailed examples in which the test is appropriate.Once the data is analyzed and you have the results on screen, the next step is to interpret the results, followed by its of the key issues most research face is the interpretation of the results.The next step after formulating the research methodology is the collection of data.Data can be collected through variety of means that includes telephonic interviews, personally administered questionnaire, mail questionnaires, face to face interview, and observation.


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