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For every pixel of a block, least significant bit (LSB) substitution is applied on two LSBs and quotient value differencing (QVD) is applied on the remaining six bits.

Thus, there are two levels of embedding: (i) LSB substitution at lower bit planes and (ii) QVD at higher bit planes.

And they know that technical tools for restricting access don’t trump parental demands to gain access.

So they find new ways of getting around limitations. Ancient methods Steganography is an ancient technique where people hide messages in plain sight.

Instead, she posted lyrics from Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” This strategy was effective.

Her mother wrote her a note saying that she seemed happy which made her laugh.

Invisible ink, tattoos under hair on messengers, and messages embedded in pictures are just a few ways in which steganography is employed.

Cryptographers are obsessed with steganography, in part because it’s hardest to decode a message when you don’t know where to look.

Social steganography is one of the most common techniques that teens employ.

They do this because they care about privacy, they care about misinterpretation, they care about segmented communications strategies.


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