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Examined are the advertiser's use of target marketing, cultural myths, conditioning theory, and more. : 7 pages worth of essay answers analyzing a magazine advertisement for cars by Porsche.

The writer looks at the ad's message, target audience, reference groups, sociocultural appeal, imagery, encoding, and more.

The ad is evaluated and determined to be very effective.

Original ad copy not available (it is described in detail though ! : A 5 page research paper which examines cigarette advertising successfully targeted first women, and then teenagers as a potential market for addiction to tobacco products. : In this 5 page essay, the writer reports their observations of television commercials as they occurred during a certain one hour television program. Comparative Advertising has for some time been the term used to define marketing strategies in which a company's competitors are featured in ads and compared with the company's own product quality.

Consumer resistance to such thought-altering attempts is far less than most consumers would care to admit, and the advertisers know it.

Edward Bernays and John Dewey were aware of the problem, though for far different reasons.The analysis looks at the structure and content of the advertisement and identifies the target audience for each advertisement with evidence to support the writer's conclusions.Socio-cultural and subliminal messages are explored for each ad. : 6 pages worth of short essay answers to questions about the theme, message, and content of a lingerie ad that appeared in a popular magazine.The original ad copy itself is no longer available. : A complete, 9 page analysis of a print magazine advertisements designed to sell Microsoft Office -- a popular PC/Windows software package. : In this 7 page paper, the writer evaluates a print ad for Excedrin -- aimed at de-marketing their rival brand : Tylenol.The writer examines that ad's target market, cultural message(s), use of reference groups, psychological screens, and more. Discussed are the various techniques used by Excedrin including logo, comparison, cultural appeals, empathy, cognitive theory, and more.The economic advantages of advertising are stressed. : A 9 page paper on the benefits and the results of advertising by placing products within movies, TV shows and even CD-Rom-based computer games.Movie studios have long preferred using recognized national brands over generic approximations simply for the realism such product use provides.Now, they are celebrities in their own right, albeit ones who sell product. : A 5 page paper discussing the ethics of advertising directly to children.One of the largest and growing consumer markets is that of children under 15 years old.: A 6 page paper arguing against the use of sexual images in advertising. : A 10 page research paper defining just what constitutes exploitative advertising.The paper also looks at the ways in which this advertising approach exploits women, and why marketers continue to use it. : A 5 page paper discussing the subconscious, symbolic, and blatant use of sexuality in the advertising of products ranging from beer to baldness to attract male consumers. Each spring, the print advertisements of the previous year are pooled for judging. Winning an award for an ad is a true cap feather, but winning ads are not necessarily the most effective.


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