Reflective Essay On Cultural Diversity

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Introduction Transcultural Nursing is an area in nursing practice that focuses on how the ideals and principals of particular groups influence their behaviour when they are sick.Nursing students need to cultivate social skills to care for patients in a multi-cultural world, (Torsvik, Hedlund, 2008).Both the views of others and ourselves are equally essential in the understanding of illness (Simon et al., 2010).He did not eat me, he did not kill me, and he did not smell foul.Seeing that we could communicate in English, I asked him about his story.He said that he usually phones them once every month, which again was a surprise to me, and he started telling me the how his wife travels a long distance to go to the city so that he can talk to her.Reflection Encouraging logical reflective thinking is stressed in studies emphasising the benefits of using nursing stories in the course of learning (Torsvik, Hedlund, 2008).The first experiences that I had with this patient made me stop and think.Why do we think that being somehow different in colour, beliefs or behaviour makes us superior?However in my child’s mind I always associated them with the good things, because although they were different they were of the same skin colour that I was and so it was no big deal if they stopped to talk to me or one of my friends.My parents would not mind when they would stop to say hello or to offer us sweets.


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