Recruiting Business Plan

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Of course, the Internet has become the leading venue for posting job openings, but don't overlook targeted industry publications and local newspapers. Once you post your ad, you'll start receiving resumes...sometimes many more than you anticipated. Once you've narrowed your stack of resumes to a handful of potential applicants, call the candidates and use your phone-screening questions to further narrow the field. Based on the responses to your phone interviews, select the candidates you feel are best qualified for the next step in the process. Assess your potential candidates for their skills and attributes using a proven assessment tool.

Knowing what you're looking for in terms of experience, education and skills will help you weed through these resumes quickly and identify potential candidates. Using a consistent set of questions in both this step and your face-to-face interviews will help ensure you're evaluating candidates equally. A resume and phone interview can only tell you so much about a job applicant, so you'll need a dependable assessment tool to help you analyze the core behavioral traits and cognitive reasoning speed of your applicants.

“A good recruiter understands the business, how to effectively engage managers and candidates, and how to communicate,” he says.

To lay the foundation for a successful career, Gotkin offers steps recruiters can take in the first 90 days: learn the responsibilities of different positions, understand the company’s technology and find a mentor.

These assessment tests can be administered in person or online. Once you've selected candidates based on the previous steps, schedule and conduct the interviews. Make your selection by matching the best applicant to the profiled job description. Run a background check on the individual to uncover any potential problems not revealed by previous testing and interviews. Before you start the hiring process, determine your strategy relative to how people fit into your organization.

Online testing and submission of results can help you determine whether the applicant should be invited for a personal interview. Use a consistent set of 10 or 12 questions to maintain a structured interview and offer a sound basis for comparing applicants. What is your process for making sure they're a good fit with your company's culture?

To accomplish that goal, you need to profile everyone in the sales group to identify any skills and attributes that are common to the top group but missing from the other groups.

Using this information, you'll be able to develop a profile to help you select the candidates most likely to succeed in that position.

For example, if you find an applicant who fits the job description and appears to be the person you want to hire, pre-employment testing can help you determine how to work with them more effectively and move them along in your organization.

If you want your business to attract and retain good clients, your comprehensive people strategy must include a recruiting and selection strategy that attracts and retains quality employees.


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