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Similarly, in courses at UCSD, you may be asked to write a research paper that is itself a literature review (such as, with an instructor’s permission, in fulfillment of the B. Literature reviews can be written using a variety of different styles.

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At this it can be helpful to write down a description of the research question, area, or topic that you will be reviewing, as well as to identify any keywords that you will be using to search for relevant research.

Use a range of keywords to search databases such as Psyc INFO and any others that may contain relevant articles.

For more details about taking notes, please see the “Reading Sources and Taking Notes” section of the Finding Scholarly References page of this website. However, the degree of emphasis that is given to individual studies may vary (more or less detail may be warranted depending on how critical or unique a given study was).

At this stage, you are close to writing the review itself. After you have written draft, you should read it carefully and then edit and revise as needed.

The notes should include anything that will be helpful in advancing your own thinking about the topic and in helping you write the literature review (such as key points, ideas, or even page numbers that index key information).

Some references may turn out to be more helpful than others; you may notice patterns or striking contrasts between different sources some sources may refer to yet other sources of potential interest.

However, it is often helpful to first reflect on all the reading that you have done. You may need to repeat this process more than once.

It may be helpful to have another person read through your draft(s) and provide feedback.

Below are some examples of literature reviews written by ACAP students.

Use these to gain an understanding of the generic structure and language used when writing your own literature reviews.


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