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Your five sources must come from the three source types listed below, with at least one source from each type.If you make use of more than five sources, you may include some information from other source types, including organizational websites, documentaries, TED Talks, youtube videos, news stories, etc., but be very cautious about the credibility and authority of sources.

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Review the Assignments page to get a sense of how the Background Essay fits in with the Literature Review and the Final Research Article; a revised version of the Background Essay will become the background section of your Final Research Article.

References A minimum of five substantial and diverse sources are required for this essay (at least two of which should be no more than two years old).

Do not rely on any one source for the majority of your information; demonstrate that you have synthesized information from multiple sources, especially for your historical accounts.

Experiment with various subject and keyword search terms and combinations.

It can be difficult to distinguish between magazines and academic journals when you do a database search (e.g., on Proquest); see Scholarly Sources to understand the difference.

Avoid scholarly journal articles for the BE; if you do use one for information (rather than a report of current research), you should also make sure you have the other three required source TYPES listed above.***You are encouraged to find as much relevant background information on your topic as you can, so look far and wide at many different kinds of sources, but the bulk of your information should come from the three source types above.You may even end up finding sources for the Literature Review (scholarly journal articles) or the Final Research Article, in which case you’ll be ahead of the game!academic journal articles (where the audience is made of scholars, such as Journal of Popular Culture or Journal of American History).You will focus on scholarly sources for the second major paper, the Literature Review.Ask a librarian for assistance as you hunt for relevant sources and information; click the link for the 24 hour online chat with a librarian at the top right corner of the Holman Library website.Narrowing your topic: Before making a final topic selection, be willing to consider and even do preliminary research on more than one topic.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!Make sure you are focusing on a social science aspect of your topic rather than a scientific aspect.For example, do not attempt to write a paper on the effects of psychotropic drugs on brain chemistry, though you might, for example, explore the policies around mental health and medication for prisoners.


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